January 2009
Jan van der Winden

I just returned from a visit to Bonaire. Found your website on the Internet. I included my sightings on http://www.observado.org.

Some interesting sightings:

Cattle Egret
Lesser Scaup
Grasshopper Sparrow (difficult to find!)
Three large flocks of Lora [Yellow-shouldered Parrot]

Phyllodactylus martini (seems very rare! I found only 1)

Kind regards

Jan van der Winden

Thanks for sending along your notes, Jan. Some nice finds, though we not being experts on reptiles, can't comment on the Phyllodactylus martini (gecko)! Where did you have the Grasshopper Sparrows? And were they were singing?

Jeff Wells



If you check the link below you can see the exact location (zoom in at the map):

At least 3 males were singing close to the road, all singing differently. Although they had a basic characteristic, one was quite melodious and changing its song. First I even was a bit puzzled if they were the same species. But the sound "scheme"was the same and after some time I found them. One was singing in a small bush and the two others in the grass. They could sing frequently for periods of app. 5 minutes and then they stopped for more than 5 to 10 minutes. The next day I heard only one.


Thank you, Jan!


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