July 2010
Bob v.


Inthe summer of 2010 we visited Bonaire. One beautiful place, and for me personally, the best bird island of the ABC islands.


On a Google map, I marked five locations where I spot the different birds, at locations A, B, C, D, and E.

On location A is Sorobon Beach. Near the fishing boats I spotted a Brown Pelican, Brown Booby, Magnificent Frigatebird, and the Ruddy Turnstone.

                                                     Brown Booby by Bob v.

                                                 Ruddy Turnstone by Bob v.

When the fishing boats come back a lots of birds there to spot here. Very nice white beach with areas of protective beds of seagrass.

On location B, near the airport and our apartment backyard, with the sunrise came a lot of Bananaquits, the little Blue-tailed Emerald, and the noisy Brown-

throated Parakeets.

                                                        Bananaquit by Bob v.

                                          Blue-tailed Emerald by Bob v.

                                  Brown-throated Parakeets by Bob v.

Location C, D, and E is the place to be. It is the National Park - Washington Slagbaai. This is a really great place and the best bird spot. A four-wheel drive vehicle is needed because of the bad roads. Many Greater Flamingo to spot in the different lakes. On the coastline I saw the Green Heron, and in the middle of the park there was the Crested Caracara, a beautiful bird of prey.

                                             Greater Flamingo by Bob v.

                                                     Green Heron by Bob v.

                  Crested Caracara by Bob v.

On my photo site there are a lot of more photos of different bird I spot in Bonaire: http://www.bob-photos.com/gallyer/v/travel/Bonaire .

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