May 2008
Alison Thompson


I have just come across your site whilst doing some bird research, and I have really enjoyed looking through it.

I am a photographer and I am trying to confirm captioning information for an
image I took on Bonaire a few years ago. I've always thought it was a
Caribbean Parakeet, but I am now wondering if it could be a Yellow-shouldered Parrot. Because of the angle at which the bird is in my image,
I'm finding it hard to be 100% sure and would really value the opinion of
an expert such as yourself if you have time at all to take a look at the
image which is on my site at the following link.

Thank you for providing such an interesting and informative site.

Kind regards


Hi Alison,

Yes, this is a Caribbean Parakeet (also known as Brown-throated Parakeet). The long tail is one ID factor, as parrots have a short, blunt tail (not pointed).


Jeff Wells

Hi Jeff

Thanks very much for getting back to me on this - it is much appreciated.

Kind regards