April 12, 2008
Patrick Holian

I spotted an 2 American Oystercatchers near White Slave today @ 8am
standing one-legged. Are these common on Bonaire?

I also saw a Barn Owl fly out of a cave last Sat in the daytime 3pm a
mile north of the Bolivia plantation ruins along the east coast.

Patrick Holian

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for sending along the photo and reports. American Oystercatchers are
regular on Bonaire in small numbers and have apparently bred, though I have
not personally found evidence of breeding. Do you have an overall bird list for your visit or bird photos?

Jeff Wells

Hi, Jeff,

I'm not really a birdwatcher, thus no list. But I am out and about often with still camera in hand. I will pass on only good pix to you if you would like. And I'll report anything I think is unusual if you want. Just let me know. Here is a pic of American Oystercatcher. Not my best shot but here it is.


Patrick Holian

American Oystercatcher, photo by Patrick Holian

Thanks, Patrick!


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