December 15, 2011 - Jan. 1, 2012
Neal Baltz and Patricia Beitzinger

Greater Flamingos at the Pekelmeer, Bonaire. Photo by Neal Baltz.

We would like to thank you all for putting together a very helpful and informative web site on the birds of Bonaire. This allowed us to prepare in advance for our first trip to the island. Though the primary purpose of our visit was to scuba dive the incredible reef system encompassing the island, we kept the "Checklist of the Birds of Bonaire" along for the ride. As novices who are new to the birding community, we continue to be impressed by the diversity and special niche that our feathered friends contribute to our world.

We compiled a list of our sightings below to share. All of the birds were seen within walking distance of our rental vehicle for one week between 12/25/2011-01/01/2012.

Editors' Note: Thank you, Neal and Patricia, for your kind words about the website. We are glad you found it helpful! Thank you for a great bird report. - Allison and Jeff Wells

1) White-cheeked Pintail
2) Brown Pelican
3) Magnificent Frigatebird
4) Great Blue Heron
5) Great Egret
6) Snowy Egret
7) Greater Flamingo
8) Osprey
9) Crested Caracara
10) Caribbean Coot
11) American Oystercatcher
12) Black-necked Stilt
13) Ruddy Turnstone
14) Royal Tern
15) Rock Dove
16) Scaly-naped Pigeon
17) Bare-eyed Pigeon
18) Eared Dove
19) Common Ground Dove
20) White-tipped Dove
21) Brown-throated Parakeet
22) Ruby-topaz Hummingbird
23) Gray Kingbird
24) Tropical Mockingbird
25) Yellow Warbler
26) Bananquit
27) Carib Grackle
28) Troupial
29) Yellow Oriole
30) House Sparrow

Again, we thank you for your contribution in helping make our vacation one to always remember.

Neal Baltz and Patricia Beitzinger

Saffron Finches. Photo featured on Bonaire Birds website.

Saffron Finches. Photo by Neal Baltz.

"Luckily, we were not condemned to a lifetime working in the salt mines." Caption and photo by Neal Baltz.

Brown-throated Parakeets on Bonaire. Photo featured on Bonaire Birds website.

Iguana photo featured on Bonaire Birds.

"We spent time pondering how the Indians made their inscriptions behind
the bars." Caption and photo by Neal Baltz.

"The Butterfly Garden was well worth the visit." Caption and photo by Neal Baltz.

"Our truck being overrun at the Donkey Sanctuary." Caption and photo by Neal Baltz.



"Bonaire + New Years Eve = FIREWORKS!!!" Caption and photo by Neal Baltz.