January 17 - 20, 2009
Laura Robinson

I saw this tagged Ruddy Turnstone:

Ruddy Turnstone with leg band.

Photo by Laura Robinson

As you can see in the photo (I hope) it has 2 other small bands on each ankle, 1 is orange and the other seems yellow or cream colored. I have seen lots of others, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I can't believe how many flamingos are on the flats! I have been here the last couple of winters and have never seen so many in one spot! Wow!

This morning I also saw a Ruby-topaz Hummingbird just down EEG in a vacant lot. Yeah!

Laura Robinson

Dear Laura,

Thank you for sending along this data. I will contact you privately for the specifics and forward it along.

Good (Bonaire) Birding,

Jeff Wells


Dear Jeff,

Thanks for your response. Can you tell me what this bird is? It has an orange head, yellow front, and blue on the lower wings. Is this a Brown-fronted? It doesn't look anything like any of the photos I have. Thanks. Laura

Carribean Parakeet, photo by Laura Robinson

Hi, Laura. This is the Bonaire subspecies of the Caribbean (Brown-throated) Parakeet. Thanks for sending it along!

Jeff Wells


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